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Idrive - error craeting storage

Post by aba3k »


I'm testing the Idrive S3 storage with Veeam 11.

When I try to add the storage, I select the Bucket, but when I go to Folder, there is nothing (there's a folder already created). If I try to create it, the system returns an error 'Failed to get s3 archive folders: unexpected common prefix: 'Veeam/Archive', filter: ' /Veeam/Archive/' Failed to query folder on s3. Path: [/veeam/archive]

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Re: Idrive - error craeting storage

Post by Mildur »

Hi Adriano

Sounds you are using a bucket which already contains objects (or objects with a delete marker).
Please create a new empty bucket on your object storage and use that one.

To check the old bucket for existing objects, please use third party tools like S3 browser to connect to the bucket and check if there are any objects left or deletes objects (if versioning is enabled).

If that is no help, please open a case with our support team and share the case number with us.

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Re: Idrive - error craeting storage

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Thanks for joining our forum and reaching out. I was able to recreate the issue that you posted. I tested with both a bucket using object enabled and another without object lock.

In both cases the Veeam folders were created as expected, but yet the iDrive storage returned the error code that we both saw.

I have reached out to iDrive to see if they can help identify the issue.

Please note that iDrive hasn't participated in the Veeam Ready Program so I can't say for sure that this object storage will work with our software.

I will update this thread if/when I hear back from iDrive.
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Re: Idrive - error craeting storage

Post by raghava »

Hi Everyone,

Yes we have done some S3 metadata optimizations today and released them to IDrive e2 production.

But later on we realized that the Veeam S3 client is not compatible with the "CommonPrefixes" tag for empty folder response, but we just resolved it now and moved the updates to production.

Please check and it should be fine now.

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