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Restoring a VM from on-premises to Azure

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I tested restoring an on-premises Hyper-v virtual machine to azure and the bandwidth was 16 MB/s. Is there a way to keep all the networking traffic in Azure? Here is what I did:

1) Made sure to select a recovery point from object storage
2) Created a win 2019 virtual machine in Azure to be used as a proxy. Installed the veeam services on the proxy through the veeam console. Proxy had 4 vcpu and 16gb memory.
3) On the restore, I chose to use this proxy. Both the proxy and the new vm were provisioned on the same azure network.

I thought at the very least, I would get 60 MB/s which is a per blob bandwidth limitation.

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Re: Restoring a VM from on-premises to Azure

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The given actions should keep traffic isolated to Azure (so, besides management commands that backup server issues the production environment is not involved).

What is bottleneck here (might want to check restore session statistics)? Also, don't you happen to have a support ticket open for this matter (the debug logs should shed light on the root cause of mediocre performance).

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