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[Feature Request] Schedule SureBackup Job to pull and verify from Object Storage

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We have a Scale-out Repository with object storage in Azure. The repository only keeps 1 day of backup locally before offloading 59 days in Object Storage.

Using a scheduled SureBackup job, I can't choose to pull the data blocks from the performance tier or the capacity tier so I'm guessing it defaults to the most recent copy in the performance tier?

After opening a Veeam case, seems i can manually configure SureBackup to target the Capacity Tier this using the SureBackup --> Start To and selecting a backup date that would not exist on the performance tier. But being able to regularly verify backups both on premise and in object storage would be ideal.

See corresponding Case # 03597878
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Re: [Feature Request] Schedule SureBackup Job to pull and verify from Object Storage

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Unless you use "Start To," SureBackup always uses the most recent restore point. The idea is to verify its integrity and at that point any other processes to copy/move backups have safety checks to make sure everything is written properly. The main purpose of "Start To" is to provision an on-demand test/dev environment using production from a specific point in time.

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