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SOBR Offload failed... but succeeded.

Post by Trin »

We have a scale-out pointing to Azure and the reports we are getting from the SOBR job are showing a status error for the capacity tier (Azure) of "Offload failed".

I can't find any info on this message but oddly, the data move does appear to have been successful; the file it moved has gone from the performance tier storage and I can even access it, in Azure, as a restore job to the point of selecting a file to recover.

Any pointers would be welcome!
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Re: SOBR Offload failed... but succeeded.

Post by HannesK »

Any pointers would be welcome!
please post the support case number before asking on technical issues ;-)

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Re: SOBR Offload failed... but succeeded.

Post by bytewiseits »

We see that error in the emailed SOBR report pretty much most days as our upload isn't great compared to the amount of data. It seems that if the SOBR offload is still running when the report is generated, it reports it as "Offload failed" even though it is still happily uploading data in the offload job.

Have a check through the jobs history and find the offload jobs. If they are eventually finishing ok then it should be fine (from what we experience anyway). Once it finishes the bulk of the initial upload (or large incremental etc) and the offload isn't running at report generation time, it generally report success for us.
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