Using object storage as a backup target
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How to get state of configuration database resync?

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Got in this Monday to all my SOBR offloads failed with "Local index is not synchronized with object storage, please rescan the scale-out backup repository" which seems a simple enough fix only... hours later... synchronization job is still working on the capacity tier (Backblaze). And there's no progress indicator on the resync window.

I know there's a lot of data to parse, but which logs should I be looking at to see how far along we are here? We're using per-vm backups so I should be able to at least get some sense of what's done so far.
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Re: How to get state of configuration database resync?

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Hi Mike,

I would check this folder: C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\Utils\DatabaseResynchronizer. Also, you can ask our support engineers for help to interpret some entries if you don't manage to quickly find an answer to your question after having a look at logs.


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Re: How to get state of configuration database resync?

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In the mentioned folder try to find Task.DatabaseResynchronizer.%ObjectStorageName%.log file, open it and check the following commands:

- ArchRepo.EnumIndicesInBackup - this command is executed at the beginning, it enumerates backup chains to rescan (works rather quickly)
- [CCapacityTierRepositoriesProcessor] Processing indices of Archive Backup - this command is executed after the first one, it rescans backup chains (consumes most of time)


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