Using object storage as a backup target
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Transaction Logs to Capacity Tier

Post by lowlander »


can we copy transaction logs to object storage ?

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Re: Transaction Logs in Backup Copy or Replica

Post by foggy »

No, transaction log backups are not copied to Capacity Tier.

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Re: Transaction Logs to Capacity Tier

Post by rweis »

@foggy I understand that granular intervals of restore (using logs, for example) aren't consistent with the idea of long term retention points. However, if a backup jobs takes advantage of the new copy/move feature of SOBR with Capacity Tier, and the use of GFS in the primary job definition, SQL transaction log backups are left on-premise (like it used to be with backup copy jobs). So if I want to get a copy of my transaction log backups offsite, I need a Backup Copy Job, which now supports copying transaction log backups. Correct?
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Re: Transaction Logs to Capacity Tier

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That is correct, Randy.

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Re: Transaction Logs to Capacity Tier

Post by jmarstoncr »

Has anyone figured out a good workaround for this, that doesn't require storing a duplicate copy of data?

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Re: Transaction Logs to Capacity Tier

Post by HannesK »

and welcome to the forums.

as of today, there is no "integrated workaround", but we are working on this feature.

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