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Additional verification of new commit

Veeam Logoby Markus.K1985 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:16 pm

A user of my PowerShell GitHub project [mycloudrevolution/Advanced-PRTG-Sensors] opened a new pull request with two great enhancements of my version of the script Veeam/PRTG-VeeamBRStats.ps1.
Might someone please test the changes against a living Veeam B&R environment? If also a scale out repo is in the inventory that will be awesome.

Pull request is online at:

Just run (prefered in x86 PowerShell Session):
Code: Select all
PRTG-VeeamBRStats.ps1 -BRHost veeam01.lan.local -reportmode "Monthly" -repoCritical 80 -repoWarn 70 -Debug

Thanks and kind regards,
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