Backup single VM within a job. Backup folder as a source.

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Backup single VM within a job. Backup folder as a source.

Veeam Logoby aldvm » Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:22 pm

I'm trying to modify a script wrote to backup single VM. Problem that I have backup job with folder as target of backup. My last modification:
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    #* Load Veeam snapin
    #asnp VeeamPSSnapin -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    #* User Input
    $jobName = "Backup Job"
    $vmName = "VMtoBackup"

    #* Find the job that has our VM
    $job = Get-VBRBackup | ?{$_.JobName -eq $jobName}
   $job2 = Get-VBRJob | ?{$_.Name -eq $jobName}

    #* Get all objects in job apart from our target VM
    $execObjs = foreach($v in $job.GetOibs()) {$v.VmName -ne $vmName}
    #$execObjs = $job.GetObjectsInJob() | ?{$_.Name -ne $vmName}

    #* Exclude the objects from the job(*Note: this isn't removing the objects
    #* from the job)
    Remove-VBRJobObject -Job $job2 -Objects $execObjs

    #* Start the job only backing upi the target VM
    Start-VBRJob -Job $job2

    #* Find the exclude job objects
    $incObjs = $job2 | Get-VBRJobObject | ?{$_.Type -eq "Exclude"}

    #* Delete the exclude objects(*Note: this tells VBR to include them again
    foreach ($obj in $incObjs) {

I need to get all VM from backup folder and exclude VM. I'm stuck here:
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Remove-VBRJobObject -Job $job2 -Objects $execObjs

I'm receiving this error:
Code: Select all
Remove-VBRJobObject : Cannot bind parameter 'Objects'. Cannot convert value "Tr
ue" to type "Veeam.Backup.Core.CObjectInJob". Error: "Invalid cast from 'System
.Boolean' to 'Veeam.Backup.Core.CObjectInJob'."
At C:\scripts\DLX-VMBackup.ps1:17 char:44
+     Remove-VBRJobObject -Job $job2 -Objects <<<<  $execObjs
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (:) [Remove-VBRJobObject], Para
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CannotConvertArgumentNoMessage,Veeam.Backup.Powe

Maybe someone have such working script or can help me in this case?
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Re: Backup single VM within job witch backup foldre

Veeam Logoby ThomasMc » Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:04 pm

That script look familiar :D but as you already know won't be able to do what your trying at it relies on the VMs being add individually, I detailed a way that Vladimir has scripted so you should check out this post
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Re: Backup single VM within job witch backup foldre

Veeam Logoby v.Eremin » Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:04 am

In case of folder the script mentioned by Thomas should be modified a little bit:

Code: Select all
Asnp VMware.VimAutomation.Core
Asnp VeeamPSSnapin
$Job = Get-VBRJob -name "Name of your Job"
$Server = Get-VBRServer -name "Name of vCenter"
$VMname = read-host "Input VM name"
$Repo = Get-VBRBackupRepository -name "Name of Repository"
$Folder = $Job | Get-VBRJobObject
Connect-VIServer -Server $Server.Name -User "User" -Password "Password"
$Object = (Get-Folder -name $ | Get-VM | ? {$ -ne $VMname}
$ObjectsToExclude = Find-VBRViEntity -Server $Server -name $
Add-VBRViBackupJob -Name "Temprorary Job" -BackupRepository $Repo -Entity $ObjectsToExclude
$Job1 = Get-VBRJob -name "Temprorary Job"
Foreach ($VmToExclude in ($Job1 | Get-VBRJobObject))
[Veeam.Backup.Core.CObjectInJob]::CreateViOij($Job.Id.guid, $VmToExclude.Object.Id.Guid, $, $, $, $, $,$, $False)
$Objects = Get-VBRJob -name $ | Get-VBRJobObject | ?{$ -eq $}
$Objects | Remove-VBRJobObject
Remove-VBRJob -Job $Job1 -Confirm:$False

Honestly, I’ve tested it only roughly, so don’t hesitate to let me know if anything doesn’t work as expected.

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