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Demo script for general-purpose monitoring

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This is something we actually use in production and I thought other folks might find it useful to understand basic concepts as well as a few parts that I found tricky. Once installed it runs like any other powershell command so you can call it however you like - it returns either a list of failed backup jobs or nothing if everybody's either Success or Warning (which you can easily change to suit your own needs). Use it however you want - it's just a general purpose command that returns any failed jobs within the scope it was written to.

Currently we're using it to monitor:
  • Regular VMWare backups
  • Linux Agent jobs
  • SOBR offload tasks(added today, hopefully I didn't break anything)
Use at your own risk, no warranty, etc. and don't run it if you don't know how. Have a lot of fun:
https://github.com/taupehat/scratch/blo ... tatus.psm1
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