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Enumerate files in a backup repository - with no backup job/.vbm file

Post by TimLawhead » May 22, 2020 7:01 pm

Hello All,

I had a backup copy job that was deleted but the files are still on a HPE StoreOnce. VBR Forum Post

I found I can use the Files in the VBR client, go to the directory on the StoreOnce and delete the files, but I can't import them as a group.

Following the Get-VBRBAckupRepository Example 2, I was able to get 1 file from the folder in.

Since it looks like that method is only meant to be used with a direct file path and a wildcard can't be used to grab multiple files, what I'd like is to figure out a way to pull a list of all the .vbk/.vib files that exist in that directory and then use a Foreach loop with the Example 2 to import them.

I tried the File list from all repositories but it leaves out the folder that is missing the .vbm and doesn't show as imported when I rescan the repo.

Any suggestions are appreciated. TIA

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