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Feature Request: Set-VBRTapeJobOptions cmdlet

Post by adruet » Nov 27, 2013 1:29 pm


This is my first post as I usually find the answers to my questions in this forum or by myself. And I have never seen a post where Vitaly, Gostev or the other Veeam gurus hadn't already given the answer.

As per forum instructions, I just opened a case: 00483260

I had to do a bit of powershell as it is not possible to create a "Backup to Tape Job" which will only backup a selected full backup from a job (my jobs have weekly full, forward incermental, and I only want to have one per month on tape).
By the way, if you could include that fonctionnality (putting only one instance of full backup to tape) in the future it would be great, as with my files to tape jobs, I will still have to go through a full restore from tape/import the backup, before being able to restore my tiny docx to my end user.

So I wrote a script to create all my "file to tape" jobs taking only the .vbm and the vbk I want to keep on tape as I had done with Backup Exec previously (man am I glad to get rid of that piece of s....oftware). This part works great.

Doing so, I met an issue, it is not possible to set the "Options" part of a files to tape job.
I wanted to disable the "Use Microsoft volume shadow copy" option as I retrieve my backup files from a NAS which does not support it, but I can't do it through powershell. Or at least, I did not find how to do it.

I tried to copy the "standard backup" Set-VBRJobOptions of a template job, but it does not work.

I think that to do it through powershell I would need a Set-VBRTapeJobOptions cmdlet which does not exist.
(BTW I am running Veeam BR 7 R2)

PS: keep the good work, Veeam is a great product, this forum and its community is excellent, and I learn a lot from Gostev weekly Forums Digest

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