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Feature request: Support VMware tags in Get-VBRJobObject

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Currently, New-VBRSureBackupVM requires CObjectInJob object input generated from Get-VBRJobObject.
And Get-VBRJobObject generates objects based on job object returned by Get-VBRJob.

But if job VM list is based on VMware tags, only the tags are returned by Get-VBRJobObject, not the VMs covered by the tags.
This in turn prevents creation of VM objects using New-VBRSureBackupVM, which has major implications, including being effectively unable to schedule SureBackup jobs.

Either Get-VBRJobObject should support returning VMs covered by a tag (by default or e.g if switch is set) or a new function introduced (Get-VBRJobObjectByTag) to provide a secondary means to create CObjectsInJobs objects.
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Re: Feature request: Support VMware tags in Get-VBRJobObject

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Hi Morten,

That would solve problem only for tags and would mean that we also need to do the same for other entities that could contain VMs. The universal approach we decided to incomporate is to actually add a new entry point for New-VBRSureBackupVM cmdlet. That is, restore points. Surebackup application group requires entities to have existing backups anyway, so we thought why not add them by restore points directly.

By the way, it's coming in v12.

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