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Get backup file names for a plugin job session

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I am trying to get the names of the files that are are created by a plugin job session. If the session is completed successfully the names are not given, if the session is completed with failure the files are mostly g9ven in the log.
I can get nearly all information about these sessions as amount of data search, written, transferred. I can see in the log how many files are written. But I cannot find the names of the files written by one of these sessions....
Is there a possibility to get this information?

This is how I tried so far to get the information:

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$Job = Get-VBRPluginJob -name "Plugin Job Name"
$pluginsessions =[Veeam.Backup.Core.CBackupSession]::GetAllSessionsByPolicyJob($job.id) | where-object {$_.EndTime -ge (Get-Date).addhours(-24)}

$tasksess = $session[0].gettasksessions()
# this gets the amount of file written in one of the messages
$tasksess[0]..logger.GetLog().updatedrecords  | sort updatetime | select Title
# this gets several information about the data sizes, runtimes, bottlenecks
But no filenames....
Ok, I could look for the files that are written during the runtime of the session in the repository, but Veeam has this information in the database....
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Re: Get backup file names for a plugin job session

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Same here...
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