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how to use powershell to switch credential which used in protected group

Post by yupei »

how to use power shell to switch credential which used in protected group.
you can see my attachment pic.
which i want to switch the credentials via GUI.
But how to do it in PowerShell way?

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Re: how to use powershell to switch credential which used in protected group

Post by oleg.feoktistov »

Hi Pel Yu and welcome to the R&D forums!

Here is the sample code, which takes into account multiple hosts inside a protection group and changes credentials record only for the selected one. The workflow is explained in comments. Also, please note that you will still need to change sample names used:

Code: Select all

# Get credentials you want to assign to the computer inside a protection group
$creds = Get-VBRCredentials -Name 'CredsName'

# Get target protection group and a container of hosts inside it
$pg = Get-VBRProtectionGroup -Name 'ProtectionGroup' 
$container = $pg.Container

# Create empty array for custom credentials
$customCredsArray = @()

# Compose new custom credentials object for the host you want to assign these creds to and add this object to custom creds array created earlier
$customCredsTarget = New-VBRIndividualComputerCustomCredentials -HostName 'HostName' -Credentials $creds
$customCredsArray += $customCredsTarget

# Loop through existing container and add all other records, which you want to leave intact, to the custom creds array
foreach ($customCreds in $container.CustomCredentials)
  if ($customCreds.HostName -eq $customCredsTarget.HostName) {
  else {
    $customCredsArray += $customCreds

# Assign new array of custom credentials to the existing container
$newContainer = Set-VBRIndividualComputerContainer -Container $container -CustomCredentials $customCredsArray

# Update the existing protection group with the changed container
Set-VBRProtectionGroup -ProtectionGroup $pg -Container $newContainer 
Let me know if it helps.

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