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Move tape to Free pool

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Hi Veeam-Users,
I am pretty new to using PS.
I have a lot of problems rewriting used tapes (used by Veeam).
If I move the tape to the FREE media pool, the Job runs fine.
Now I want to move the tape with a PS script to the Free media pool.
This is the script I am using:
$tape = Get-VBRTapeMedium -Online
Move-VBRTapeMedium -Medium $tape -MediaPool Free -Confirm:$false

But I receive this error (in German):
Move-VBRTapeMedium : Methode nicht gefunden: "Void Veeam.Tape.Core.TapeMedium.Clean()".
In Zeile:5 Zeichen:1
+ Move-VBRTapeMedium -Medium $tape -MediaPool Free -Confirm:$false
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Move-VBRTapeMedium], MissingMethodException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.MissingMethodException,Veeam.Backup.PowerShell.Command.MoveVBRTapeMedium

Can anyone help me out.

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Move tape to Free pool

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