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New-VBRDailyOptions for Add-VBRFileToTapeJob not in GUI

Post by jb303uk »

I'm trying to create a FilesToTape job with a daily schedule but the job seems to show as a monthly job in the GUI.
It seems to run its daily schedule, (seen in the 'next run' column when looking at all jobs) but shows as a monthly job when you go to edit the job.
Does anyone else see this behaviour? (v8.0.0.917)

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$JobName = "Test"
$TapePoolA = $TapePoolA = "MyTapePool"
$Srvr = Get-VBRServer -Name "MyServer";
$Files_Obj = New-VBRFileToTapeObject -Server $Srvr -Path "E:\Backups"

Remove-VBRJob -Job $JobName -Confirm:$False;
$DailyOption = New-VBRDailyOptions -Type SelectedDays -DayOfWeek Tuesday -Period "14:00"
$Schedule = New-VBRFileToTapeBackupPolicy -Type Daily -DailyOptions $DailyOption -Enabled
Add-VBRFileToTapeJob -Object $Files_Obj -FullBackupMediaPool $TapePoolA -Name $JobName -FullBackupPolicy $Schedule -IncrementalBackupPolicy $Schedule

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Re: New-VBRDailyOptions for Add-VBRFileToTapeJob not in GUI

Post by veremin »

I was able to reproduce it in my lab. We have similar bug with backup to tape job schedule, so, I've asked dev team to take a look at this situation, as well. Should this be confirmed as a bug, it will be addressed in future. Thanks.

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