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powershell : Import-vbrbackup

Post by xavier31 »

i backup my vms into a linux share.
i want to import this backup to a another veeam server.
i have already import this linux server in the veeam gui

is there a way to import the backup with powershell ?

I try this : Import-vbrbackup -server $vbrServer -FileName \\MyLinuxIP\Mylinuxshare\MyVBKfile
and this : Import-vbrbackup -server $vbrServer -FileName root@MyLinuxIP:\Mylinuxshare\MyVBKfile
But it's not ok.

If i try with a local vbk like this : Import-vbrbackup -server $vbrServer -FileName c:\MyVBKfile it 's ok
But what is the syntaxe for a linux remote server ?

thanks for any help

Alexey D.

Re: powershell : Import-vbrbackup

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Xavier,

I would suggest you to try mounting these shared folders to Windows filesystem. With CIFS share, this can be done using native tools, you may follow this link for explanation: Mount Remote CIFS/SMB Share as a Folder not a Drive Letter . For other types of protocol there should be 3rd party tools available.

After mounting, apply this expression:

Code: Select all

Import-vbrbackup -server $vbrServer -FileName c:\PathToMountedFolder\MyVBKfile
Please let us know if this works.

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