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Powershell Version 1.0 while remoting.

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I've got some strange things when i want to use the powershell cmdlets on my remote veeam server

I'm running powershell version 3.0 on my Windows 7.0 Laptop
I'm also running powershell version 3.0 on our Windows 2008 r2 veeam server.

When i connect start aan remote session in powershell to the veeam server, and i add de snapin, i dont get any error's.

Het know's all the cmdlets, so i should think that everything is going great.

But when i enter any command, al always get teh error: Warnng: You should update PowerShell to PowerShell 2.0 Version.

when i enter in the remote session the command: get-host i see that it uses version 1.0

When i start RDP to the veeam server, and give the get-host command there in the powershell console, i get version 3.0

Anybody any idea / suggestions to solv my issue.....?


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Re: Powershell Version 1.0 while remoting.

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You should be able to ignore this warning. I believe it is caused because get-host always reports version 1.0. You can check the real version by looking at $PSVersionTable.PsVersion.

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Re: Powershell Version 1.0 while remoting.

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Yep, it’s true that remote session with get-host will always return the 1.0 version. In order to determine the correct version you should either use $PSVersionTable.PSVersion mentioned by Tom or go directly to registry and check there:

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