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PSRemoteing in SureBackup

Veeam Logoby Smor42 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:38 am

Hey All,

I am using the SQLChecker.vbs script to test the databases on an MSSQL server.
The account that is being used in the Credential tab in the Application Group configuration does not have access to the databases in production so will not successfully run the script

I am looking at a way of giving the account rights to the database in the SureBackup job

I have a Domain controller in the SureBackup Job and was hoping to invoke commands in a PSSession from the Veeam Backup server to the DC based on the following script
to add the account to a security group that does have access to the database

Code: Select all
$server = "localhost"

$failure = 1
try {
    $sess = new-pssession -cn $server -Authentication Negotiate
    $hostname = Invoke-Command -Session $sess -ScriptBlock {[system.environment]::MachineName }
    Write-Host ("Got result computername {0}" -f $hostname)
    #if we got so far that would be nice
    Remove-PSSession $sess
    $failure = 0
} catch {
    write-host ("Failure {0} " -f $error[0])
exit $failure

found here

The invoke command works using the .net library in the example but I don't seem to be able to get native PowerShell cmdlets to work
i.e have tried a simple new-item command to create a file in temp but this does not work.
Code: Select all
Invoke-Command -Session $sess -ScriptBlock { New-Item -Path C:\Temp\ -Name SB_test.txt -ItemType file}

ideally, I would like to invoke an Add-ADGroupMember command with the ActiveDirectory Module on the DC
Code: Select all
invoke-command -session $sess -ScriptBlock {Param($Radmin,$Rpass) Add-ADGroupMember -Identity SG_DBAs -Members veeamtest -Credential $Radmin $Rpass} -ArgumentList $admin,$pass

My question is has anyone been able to do this or something similar and or is this possible?
am happy to look at other avenues if I'm looking at this the wrong way ?
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Re: PSRemoteing in SureBackup

Veeam Logoby tdewin » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:38 pm


I got to be honest, I never test it in detail but just retested with new-item and it did work for me. However c:\temp did not exist for me so this was creating errors. For me a directory c:\s exist so I altered the script:
Code: Select all
new-item -Path "C:\s\" -Name ("{0}.txt" -f (get-date -Format "yy-MM-dd-hh-mm-ss")) -type file

However I did notice that I should add some comments to the scripts

First of all, I noticed that you need the add the server as thrustedhost (actually I just executed code below)
Code: Select all
Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value "*" -Force

Second of all, make sure you set the correct credentials.

Third, make sure that you pass the correct arguments to the script e.g. Otherwise is just takes localhost as the servername, thus it is just created on the backup server itself.
Code: Select all
-server %vm_ip%

You can also check the output of the script in:
You can look for
Code: Select all
[ScriptTests] [Console]

I found the following in my ouput
Code: Select all
[SureBackup] [ad] [ScriptTests] [Console] Got result computername C:\s\16-08-23-03-58-51.txt

And the file was really created in the sandbox

You can "dry run" your script. Don't enable the script in Surebackup. Rather in your surebackup job setting, enable the checkbox to keep the application group running (which probably contains your ad). Than from the commandline you can run
Code: Select all
runas /netonly /user:nuc\administrator "cmd /k powershell -c c:\scr\psremote.ps1 -server"

Replace of course the user with your user and the IP with natted ip of your VM in the sandbox (this should NOT be your production ip). The cmd /k is to keep the cmd box open after execution of the script

Hope it helps!
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Re: PSRemoteing in SureBackup

Veeam Logoby Smor42 » Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:12 am

thanks tdewin,

Sorry for the slow reply, have been on some operational issues.

I will give your advice a go and get back

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