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Query name, last result and barcode from Tape Job

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Im trying to get the info from the tape barcodes used in the last run of a job or set of jobs (it can be a where using a daily media pool, for example) in powershell . Tried in Veeam One, but i cant get that info for the selected jobs displaying the last used tapes (or a query with period of time).

To be more clear , what im trying to do :
Name of the job, last run, creation date, Barcode used, media set (These info are all in the right click in a Job - Report)

i tried to use Get-VBRTapeMedium, but i can get only lastWriteTime, but not the job names
Tried Get-VBRTapeJob to get the ame, Type (Tape Job) and Media Set, LastResult, but i cant get the used media.

I dont know how to use both to get to the results that i need. Someone can give me a idea how to use both in the same powershell?

Thank you!

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