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Remove singel email from notification

Post by Stapper »

I'm having a hard time finding the correct way to remove an email from the "notification" field via powershell.
I have to remove 1 of several email notifications from all jobs. Can this be done using powershell or do I need to remove them manully?
Do I just need to rewrite all the email adresses I do want or can I just say remove that one?

Will following code work or not? I don't have a testing environement so i need to know, if this will only affect the email notification job setting or also other settings?

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$jobs = Get-VBRJob 
foreach ($job in $jobs)
$JobOptions = $Job.GetOptions()
$JobOptions.NotificationOptions.EmailNotification = $true
$JobOptions.NotificationOptions.EmailNotificationAddresses = "admin@backup.com"
Can this be set to remove emailnotification addresses or is there no such thing?

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$JobOptions.NotificationOptions.EmailNotificationAddresses = "admin@backup.com" 

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Re: Remove singel email from notification

Post by veremin »

Just to be sure there are several addresses specified in job notification settings as recipients, and you're willing to remove just one of those? Can you provide the current output of $JobOptions.NotificationOptions or $JobOptions.NotificationOptions.EmailNotificationAddresses? The actual addresses can be replaced of course.


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