Script to set retention on copy jobs

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Script to set retention on copy jobs

Veeam Logoby RichardA » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:12 am


I wish to change the retention period on all my copy jobs. I have the PoweShell code working on a single job:

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asnp VeeamPSSnapin
$Job = Get-VBRJob -name "Copy Job One"
$Options = $Job.GetOptions()
$Options.GenerationPolicy.RetentionPolicyType = "GFS"
$Options.GenerationPolicy.GFSWeeklyBackups = 4
$Options.GenerationPolicy.GFSMonthlyBackups = 0
$Options.GenerationPolicy.GFSQuarterlyBackups = 0
$Options.GenerationPolicy.GFSYearlyBackups = 0

I now wish to run these commands against a list copy job names I have in a text file called CopyJobs.txt. I am a bit of a PowerShell newbie and having trouble getting this working, any help to apply the above commands to a list of jobs in a text file would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Script to set retention on copy jobs

Veeam Logoby tdewin » Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:31 pm

hopefully this can help you started

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asnp veeampssnapin
Get-Content .\job.txt | foreach {
 $jobname = $_;
 $job = get-vbrjob -name $jobname

in job.txt, every line is just a jobname
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