Starting Fresh - vSphere and Computer List

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Starting Fresh - vSphere and Computer List

Veeam Logoby WishIWasGolfing » Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:19 pm

Hello all, brand new to this forum and somewhat new to Veeam. I am hoping I can give you my scenario and maybe someone would be willing to offer a newbie a lot of guidance and prepare me to help others going forward :D

Today I use Veeam to move VM's between data centers as it works perfect when I am not able to use vMotion, I do this all manually no powershell on the veeam side. Generally I set the job up manually where those that are doing similar tasks and use vSphere know you step through the wizard and highlight all the VMs you want to move and then choose proxy servers, set up the email notification, choose LAN or WAN, set the disk (I choose "Same type as source disk") and I typically space out the VMs I am moving to different datastores in vSphere. The last part is more of a preference as I like to keep the datastores even with free space as opposed to filling one up entirely. A couple other settings I choose is I keep only 1 Restore Point

The "migrations" occur nightly and typically in batches of 25 - 50 where I try to select them all from the same Cluster in vSphere or at the very least a couple clusters on the same vCenter.

And there lies the ask, is there a script out there or someone willing to work with me to be able to have a Veeam script that pulls from a text file and creates the initial job of the VMs that are in the text file?
Maybe it prompts for when to start the job?
Maybe I can some how choose what proxy servers I use for certain jobs? (I have 6 sites globally and over 20 proxies in place)
As I have multiple vCenters, can I choose a Source and Destination easily?

Not terribly worried about the Failover and Permanent Failover as I can do those manually as I have to alter the vNic settings in vSphere during the Failover State with a different script I have and rename the VMs after the Permanent Failover with another script. So those steps I suppose are not as valuable to script than the initial job. And then there is the XenDesktop part of removing and adding...but I am fine there.

Just looking to get the Veeam side in a little better spot...Any help will certainly be welcomed...thanks!
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Re: Starting Fresh - vSphere and Computer List

Veeam Logoby vcharlie » Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:03 pm

Hi Tim
Absolutely you can pull from a list and populate jobs. In my examples here: I populate backup jobs, but it would be easy to figure out replication jobs from there.
You could pre-create the jobs manually with appropriate proxy settings, or do that from a list also (like my example here:
Hopefully that helps get you started.
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Re: Starting Fresh - vSphere and Computer List

Veeam Logoby v.Eremin » Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:55 pm

Drop a PM to Andreas Neufert.

If I'm not mistaken, one of his customers (quite a big one, actually) happens to have similar scripts. Chances are, they wouldn't mind sharing those with you; worth giving a shot!

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