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Sync-StoragePluginHost / Volume status

Post by jdw »

Is it possible to get the status of a Sync-StoragePluginHost or SyncStoragePluginVolume request? I'm in a scenario where I need to sync to pick up a new snapshot but then I want to wait until the sync task is complete before I do some other work.

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Re: Sync-StoragePluginHost / Volume status

Post by oleg.feoktistov »

Hi JD,

Sure, here is a simple while loop for that purpose:

Code: Select all

$pluginHost = Get-StoragePluginHost -Name 'pluginHost01'
$sync = Sync-StoragePluginHost -Host $pluginHost

$stopped = $false
while ($stopped -eq $false) {
  $sessionCheck = Get-VBRSession -Id $sync.Id
  if ($sessionCheck.State -eq 'Stopped') {
    Write-Host "Storage plugin host sync session with id: $($sessionCheck.Id) has stopped with status: $($sessionCheck.Result)"
    $stopped = $true

The same goes for Sync-StoragePluginVolume. There is just an additional step to get a volume before triggering synchronisation.


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