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Veeam Backup File Name

Post by MichaelP3 »

Running the following Powershell command on Veeam 10 creates a file name that does not include the server name. Example File Name "D2020-07-24T095219_E5F5" The name is not helpfull when looking at several when trying to identify which server the file name corresponds to. Any help appreciated.

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$vm = Find-VBRViEntity -Name "VC02"
Start-VBRZip -Folder "F:\" -Entity $vm -Compression 4 -DisableQuiesce -RunAsync

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Re: Veeam Backup File Name

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Hi Michael and Welcome to the Community Forums!

Doesn't look expected to me. What v10 build you're on? Is it happening for other VMs as well?


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