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When not found with Find-VBRViEntity?

Post by evilaedmin » Oct 10, 2019 3:58 pm


What's the best way to detect if Find-VBRViEntity returned no results?

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$Result = Find-VBRViEntity -Name "VMthatdoesnotexit"
if (!$Result) { 
	//Do Some kind of counting here

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Re: When not found with Find-VBRViEntity?

Post by oleg.feoktistov » Oct 10, 2019 5:08 pm 3 people like this post

Hi Eugene,

By default, If the entity with the name you specified for Find-VBRViEntity cmdlet doesn't exist, powershell will just resolve an empty line.
If you want to configure some kind of message notifying you on the entity absence, I would suggest to use "throw" keyword in your if statement.
In this case, it will resolve a system-like error with a custom text you wrote.

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$ViEntityName = "VMDoesnotexist"
$Result = Find-VBRViEntity -Name $ViEntityName
if (!$Result) {
    throw "Entity with the name $ViEntityName is not found"
else {
All the best,

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