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Backup billing with deduplication appliance

Post by evilaedmin »

Are there any known patterns to use the Backup Billing report to report per VM costs with deduplication storage appliance?

I have a deduplication appliance that is right at 75% capacity. I would like to make it know to (internal) customers and stake holders how much their consumption costs as proportion of capital costs. I don't think I can use simple 'cost per GB' factor because the on-disk consumption is very different from logical consumption: Some customers have workloads which do not generate almost any change rate but take up silly amounts of 'logical' space because of the once-per-week synthetic full mandated by StoreOnce and Catalyst.

Thank you for any tips.

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Re: Backup billing with deduplication appliance

Post by HannesK »

I see no way to do that from a Veeam (or any other backup software) side. For the following reasons it would be not fair from a backup software side:

1) backup software built-in data reduction was disabled to have higher data reduction values on the dedupe appliance
2) synthetic or active full backups are created to have higher data reduction values on the dedupe appliance (well, maybe bore because of technical limitations on that boxes :-))
3) with "global" deduplication it's hard to charge for common data (Windows OS...)

With that setup, I would charge from source. It's also not fair, but at least it's possible to calculate. Maybe HPE has some "chargeback" tool?

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