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Edit Columns In VM Uptime Report

Post by manofbronze » Oct 31, 2017 7:45 pm

We have the need to generate a VM Uptime report for one of our Private Cloud subscribers. The predefined VM Uptime report is nearly perfect ... nearly being the operative word.

The goal is to schedule the report to run every 90 days and simply email the resulting report to the subscriber. Unfortunately, the predefined report contains a column (Alarms) that we do not want to show, as it could unnecessarily "alarm" the subscriber. Try as I might, I cannot find a way to either edit the existing report to remove this column, or create a custom report that includes only the desired columns.

I have searched this forum high and low for some guidance but can't seem to locate a solution that does not involve saving the report as Word or Excel document, editing the contents of the exported file, then generating a pdf and sending that along. I should think the "Custom Report" option would allow you to generate at least the same reports that come predefined but with additional tweaks as needed. So my question is ... using the report customization tools that come with VeeamOne ... can I create the custom VM Uptime report I need and schedule it to run every 90 days, eliminating the export and data message process? If not, I'd like to make this a feature request for a future release.

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Re: Edit Columns In VM Uptime Report

Post by Shestakov » Nov 01, 2017 2:25 pm

Indeed "Uptime" is not present in custom reports as it`s calculated based on defined interval.
We will consider adding an option "include alarms data" to the predefined "VM uptime" report. Thanks for the request!
For now I would suggest export report in .xlsx and remove "Alarms" columns.

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