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"Latest Job Status Report" Filter By Backup Job

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Hi all,
I have to manage a backup infrastructure with some backup Job.
I can group all job in 3 categories: On Prem, Subsidiaries an Azure.
I need to create 3 different report for the last 24 hours every day and mail it to our team.
I see that Latest Job Status is what I need... It have all the information that we want.
But the problem is that we cannot filter the result per backup name to create 3 different report.
Every backup job have a prefix to identify the location: ("VCxx-" for Vcenter,"Azure-" for Azure, and "Filiali-" for subsidiaries)

Anyone have an idea?

Thank you and sorry for my english

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Re: "Latest Job Status Report" Filter By Backup Job

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Hi Gabriele and welcome to the community!
There is nothing we can do with Latest Job Status in this version, I will count your feedback as a feature request.
However there is a filter in Job History report and it shows similar data.
Besides, you can create your own report with custom backup data report.

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