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List unprotected VMs

Post by t481 »

Is it possible to generate a report as a list of unprotected VMs?

The current "protected VMs" report generates a weird report showing VMs per host rather than what I would expect to see which is a list of VMs and the jobs they belong to and type of backups for those jobs.

I need to report on which VMs are not protected and exclude those tagged "DoNotBackup"

Thanks in advance

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Re: List unprotected VMs

Post by wishr » 1 person likes this post

Hi t481,

Thank you for the feedback. Please find comments below.

1. Is it possible to generate a report as a list of unprotected VMs?
Sure, simply run the Protected VMs report and switch to the Unprotected Page.

2. Backup Job names and types for Unprotected VMs
In the current version, the report does not show to what jobs your VMs being backed up/replicated/copied and not meeting an RPO configured in the report settings belong to. We'll discuss internally within Veeam ONE R&D team if there is an opportunity for improvements for future versions. Currently, as a workaround, you can identify whether a particular VM is added to a job by looking at the number of available restore points at the Unprotected page and then run the Protected VMs Job Schedule report to identify what jobs process these VMs and what is the configuration of the jobs. Note that VMs that meet an RPO (second page) configured in the Protected VMs report settings show all the corresponding jobs and their types. Please, let me know if I correctly got your use-case.

3. Report exclusions based on tags
Please confirm that you are requesting to have exclusions based on VMware tags. If so, you may create a Bussiness View group containing VMs that do not have "DoNotBackup" tag and choose this group as a scope when running the Protected VMs report.


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Re: List unprotected VMs

Post by Shestakov »

Hi t481,
Existence of VM in backup job settings doesn't mean that VM is protected. Job may not be scheduled or never successfully finish.
That's why we check if there is a successful backup within the defined RPO, as Fedor said.
Is your goal to find out if VMs are protected or how the jobs are configured?

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