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marius roma
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Listing jobs and VMs

Post by marius roma » Feb 07, 2019 11:04 am

I just installed the free version of Veeam ONE and it looks a great tool.
I just started exploring it and I think it is very usefull. Maybe in the future I can convince my boss purchasing the full version...
While studying it I need to provide ASAP two simple reports about the current jobs, requested for administrative reasons.
The first report should list in the simples way (maybe in a table) the list of the backup jobs and, for each job, the schedule and the list of the VMs processed by the job.
The complex issue (at least for me) is that backup jobs are based on VMware vCenter folders, so Job1 is confngured to process VMs included in Folder1, while I need to extract the list of all the VMs included in Folder1 and processed by Job1.
The second report should list the VMs and, for each VM, the job processing it and the job schedule.
A possible layout for the reports should look like:


job1_Folder1 Mo,Tu,We,Th,Su 22:30
job2_Folder2 Everyday 23:30
job3_Folder3 Su 12:00


VM1 job1_Folder1 Mo,Tu,We,Th,Su 22:30
VM2 job1_Folder1 Mo,Tu,We,Th,Su 22:30

Are there reports I can use or customize?

Veeam Software
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Re: Listing jobs and VMs

Post by Shestakov » Feb 07, 2019 12:29 pm

Hello Marius,
Glad that you like the tool, thanks for the positive feedback!

As for your requests,
If you add VM container to the job, exact set of VMs to be backed up is not obvious.
You can find information about defined job sources and schedule in Job Configuration Dump report.
You can also see which VMs were backed up during backup job runs in Job History report.

I would check Protected VMs Job Schedule report.


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