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Qs on capacity pack

Post by tmmt »

Couple of questions on the capacity pack which we are trialling v a couple of other products.

Now we can forecast when Mem,CPU etc will reach a set limit, is there a way to report on how many vms can be added before capacity is reached (using vm x as the calculation/average) ?
Does the storage calcluation take into account thin provisioning ?
Does the capacity calculation for clusters take into account the HA setting (for example 1 host capacity is missed from the calculation)

Also, any more info. on possible release dates for the charge back pack ?



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Re: Qs on capacity pack

Post by Gostev »

Hi Thomas, have you actually seen our capacity planning report pack in live? Basically, it provides WHAT-IF reports specifically designed to answer your questions above. You may want to request a demo with our engineer (you can do that from the product page) to make the evaluation easier for you.

Yes, absolutely - thin provisioning is taken into account.

We are working on chargeback report pack (and a few other really cool packs), they will be released later this year - I don't have specific dates for each at the moment.

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