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marius roma
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Reducing the size of DB

Post by marius roma »

I installed the evaluation version of Veeam ONE on a VM including SQL Express.
The data I am collectiong are really interesting and I hope to convince my managers upgrade to the retail version.
However, at the moment I have a serious problem with the size of the DB, and I already restored my VM from backup twice.
Upgrading to full SQL sounds time expensive and can compromise the results of my tests.
Given that the data I am collecting are mainly related to IO traffic, is there any way to reduce the amount of data and avoid installing full SQL?
I disconnected the Veeam B&R server as the related data are not relevant for my test, but I still see my DB growing and growing...
What can I do in order to reduce it's size?

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Re: Reducing the size of DB

Post by Shestakov »

Hello Marius,
Yes, there are several methods.
First of all you can switch to advanced scalability mode. In that mode Veeam ONE will collect only metrics used in reports and alarms.
Besides you can manually disable collection and storage of unneeded performance metrics under "performance metrics" tab.
And at last there is an option to shorten data retention. Not sure for how long you have been trialing the product by now, but it may help.

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