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Reinstalling Reporter in a separate VLAN

Post by Erek0se »

Hello there,

we are in the process of reinstalling our Veeam reporter on a new infrastructure in a secured Vlan. We will also install a new SQL server & SQL server reporting services on a separate machine on the same Vlan.

The question is what TCP/UDP ports have to be opened & where to to get the Reporter Working.

According to the documentation we have to open SSL traffic (443) to the Vcenter, SMTP(25) to the smtp gateway.

I don't know if the access to the ESXi Hosts is required or not and on which port(s)

Also regarding incoming traffic to the reporter which ports are mandatory for the clients to access the website(s)

Thanks in advance,

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Reinstalling Reporter in a separate VLAN

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Eric,

If you have vCenter Server deployed, then all communication goes through vCenter Server, direct host connection is not required. In order to access Veeam Reporter's web site, default TCP port 1239 should be accessible from another VLAN.

Thank you.
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