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Report Builder Bug?

Post by gdecagna »

Hello, I don't know if I find a bug or if the error that I have is by design.
I have 5 custom reports (Backup Infrastructure custom data) filtered by different custom filter, used to create custom view for our 5 different infrastructures (Azure Prod,Azure Test, 2 vMWare Datacenter and a secondary site).
I created a report using report builder where merge the details of the 5 custom reports.
If I try the view action I have this error: "Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Error: One or more errors occurred.", but if I schedule to send the mail with the pdf report we receive the mail with all the correct data.
Is Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services limitation?


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Re: Report Builder Bug?

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Hello Gabriele,
That looks like a bug. Please contact the support team.

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