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report: Over-Provisioned Storage?

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I have ratio between 100% and 166% is it okay or not? the out-od Stoarge Date is not related this percentage as I have 165 with a date next month and with a date in 10years+, I think it is also link to the increasing or decrasing ration on-going isn't it?

I have a message:
Reduce storage over-provisioning by moving the following VMs off this storage:
- votfim2 (0 GB)
- votsprstr2 (0 GB)
- voexrstr1 (0 GB)
but is there are 0 GB how does it affect the Storage?


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Re: report: Over-Provisioned Storage?

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Hi Dom,

Yes, that's expected, because you might have provisioned more space than you actually have on the datastore. Basically, this report predicts over-provisioning of disk space on storage devices and helps you in evaluating possible virtual environment expansions.

If you already have filled-in datastores then it means that thin provisioned disks will not grow any more, that is why you should move some VMs out from this datastore.


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