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reporter enterprise login

Post by Emmer »

Hi there, i might have missed something in the docs or the forums, but i've installed reporter enterprise and web access, and i can't seem to login to it. The first time i go to the page it asks for a login so i use the domain admin which works, after that however when i click on for example "Log in to Veeam Reporter Enterprise" it asks for credentials again, and this time it doesn't allow the domain admin to login.

I apologize if this is explained in any docs or on the forum, but i haven't found anything while searching for this problem

It is a totally fresh and totally default installation in a test domain by the way (sqlexpress)

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Re: reporter enterprise login

Post by Gostev »

Robert, one thing I can see which is not right is that it asks for login when you navigate to the welcome page, it should not do that until you click either "Log in to..." link. Are you logged on to your computer with test domain credentials when you are navigating to the RE page?

Please feel free to open the support case to troubleshoot, it is nearly impossible to troubleshoot environment issues over forum without having all logs or seeing this in live...
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Re: reporter enterprise login

Post by john.talley »

I am having the exact same problem. Could you share with me what you did to remedy this situation?
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Re: reporter enterprise login

Post by Vitaliy S. »


Anton is right, please refer to our technical support team for a quicker assistance, as we might need to look through all the logs as well as see your issue live.
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