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Servers missing from some reports

Post by sjw7 »

Hi All

I have just started to use Veeam Reporter but have run across a problem where servers are missing from a report.

The report in question is the Base Report Pack > Storage Capacity (template). If i run it against our entire virtual infrastructure it returns ok. If i look at the detail of the Virtual Disks Capacity section I can see all of the machines but if I do the same in the Logical disks one there are some machines missing.

I have checked and they dont appear when the report is exported to excel and its nothing to do with multiple pages returned by the report. The missing machines arent in any way unusual and one was cloned from a template at the same time as three others all of whom appear on the report. Nothing on this server has been changed so im a but stumped as to why its not appearing like some of the others.

Anyone know why servers may not appear on this part of the report but they do on other sections of it?


Alexey D.

Re: Servers missing from some reports

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Simon,

I'd try to generate Infrastructure Report from Base Report Pack and check whether these missing VMs have logical partitions listed in "Virtual Machines" section. If you can find at least 1 partition per VM - please contact our support team to open a case.

Hope this helps.
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