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SQL 2008 Enterprise

Post by goldteam »


how can i install veeam reporter 4.0 on sql 2008 enterprise edition, i got warning message about the incompatibility of the reporting service. (no internet on the server to install your sql package)

thank you for your help
Alexey D.

Re: SQL 2008 Enterprise

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Eric,

If you don't have an internet connection, please download and install SSRS 2008 by yourself.
Also, please check Reporter 4 Release Notes to ensure that all other required components are up to date.

Here is a procedure which might help:

1. Download the following packages.

- .NET 3.5 (one package for x86 and x64)

- ... etfx35.exe

- SQL 2008 Express with Advanced Services


- SQL 2008 SP1

- ... 86-ENU.exe
- ... 64-ENU.exe

2. Go to the computer you are going to install Veeam Reporter to and create the folder "VSDL" in the local temp directory: %temp%\VSDL
3. Copy all three packages (x86 or x64, depending on the platform) to the newly created VSDL folder.
4. Launch Reporter setup and follow the instructions - it will ‘see’ the packages and install them one by one, as well as other packages included in the setup.
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Re: SQL 2008 Enterprise

Post by Windessy »

hello goldteam,

1) please check, that your SQL server has all latest updates, or at least SP1
2) please check, that you have SSRS 2008 instance installed
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