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Storage Matrix double VM entries

Post by Witti »


I have registred and downloaded the Reporter Build today and tried to run the report with this trial version.

I found double entries in the "Storage_Matrix.xls" report (not the .xlsx)
One VM with two virtual disks.
These two vdisks are saved on different datastores.
In other words:
C: is on DataStore1
E: is on DataStore2

The report shows these two disk in the first datastore and again in the second datastore.
I mean, that report shows this info:
DataStore1 VM1 C: 4GB 1GB free
DataStore1 VM1 E: 8GB 6GB free
DataStore2 VM1 C: 4GB 1GB free
DataStore2 VM1 E: 8GB 6GB free

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