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Veeam One Host Uptime Report

Post by AhmedS »

I have created reports for the VMWare host uptimes. However some of my hosts report at least 15 - 30 minutes downtime for the month.
The Veeam One server is centralized and monitors some VMWare environments across the WAN. I am thinking that network latency or network interruption is the reason that the hosts show this downtime.
Is this the case and is there anyway to get around this?
Or is there another reason for this?
I know for a fact that none of my hosts went down at any point in the month.
The resultant report is inaccurate.

I am running VMWare hosts connected vCenter servers at each site. We have various versions - none older than 6.5.
The vCenter servers have been added to Veeam One.


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Re: Veeam One Host Uptime Report

Post by wishr »

Hi Ahmed,

We pull vSphere data directly from vCenter using APIs, so the information you see in the reports comes from vSphere. Keeping that in mind, I would suggest reaching our to our technical support team for identifying the root cause of that behavior.


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