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Veeam One reporting Licensing; selecting only one Datacenter

Post by kpnz » May 16, 2013 2:56 am

We've got a vcenter server that manages two datacenters however only have enough veeam licenses for one of these datacenters.

If I launch Reporter it complains that I have not got enough licenses for all hosts that are managed by the vcenter server (That's fine as I only want information on one datacenter) Disabling the unwanted hosts from the License tab seems to resolve this.

However if I then create a job to send a dashboard out daily I end up being sent a screenshot of the dashboard stating we don't have enough licenses. Logging back onto Veeam reporter shows that it has re-selected the hosts I'd previously disabled.

Is there some way of making the esxi server selections stick?

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Re: Veeam One reporting Licensing; selecting only one Datace

Post by veremin » May 16, 2013 8:11 am

In general, Veeam One Reporter isn’t capable, by design, of collecting only part of information in case the root layer has been added. For example, if you add a cluster, Reporter will try to collect all data related to it, since partial information (about only one host, for instance) is unlikely to shed a light on cluster DRS functionality, etc.

For now as a potential workaround, you can try to create additional vCenter account that is able to see only one datacenter, and then add vCenter to VeeamOne console, using it.

Moreover, in VeeamOne v7 it will be possible to suppress aforesaid error regarding lack of license.

Hope this helps.

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