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Veeam One Reporting on Single VM

Post by jlouk »

Was curious if I am missing something or if it's not yet possible to pull virtual disk information on a VM of my choosing. I see the information is being gathered after having created several reports to pull and mess with the %'s that finally showed the VM (in this single case) in the report. Then I was able to drill down and look at the drive(s) I was attempting to pull data on. Something as simple as pulling a report on say data growth on drives (daily average over a certain period of time), etc.

Is this possible to do and I'm just missing the report? Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Veeam One Reporting on Single VM

Post by wishr »

Hi Jim,

Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums and thanks for posting!

Could you please let us know what is the end goal for you? What you are going to do with that data? Also, what hypervisor you are running?

To simplify reporting on a single VM you may put that VM in a Business View group and run a report that allows selecting Business View scope on this particular business view group.


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