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veeam one reporting

Post by NMP »

hello all,

i am looking for report with accurate levels of guest OS utilization for average memory , average CPU for the last three months.

if i understand correctly, vcenter does not provide guest OS utilization and it does not have view of OS level usage . it just predicts based on assigned memory.

and veeam one pull data from vcenter. so veeam one does not provide accurate level of guest usage. it that right?

so what are the options with veeam one to know guest OS utilization for historical information with accurate information.


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Re: veeam one reporting

Post by HannesK »

correct, we pull the data from VCenter.
so what are the options with veeam one to know guest OS utilization for historical information with accurate information.
Veeam ONE's focus is monitoring & reporting for Veeam Backup & Replication. I assume that there are other monitoring products that are specialized on such kind of questions.

Because for example "used memory" from a guest OS perspective can be tricky. For example Linux machines fill up RAM for caching. SQL server uses all RAM for caching per default... a monitoring solution must be aware of such application specifics to create valuable data.

Best regards,

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Re: veeam one reporting

Post by wishr »

Hi Noor,

To give you an idea, of what data we show, if we take a look at VM performance report, for example, the following vSphere metrics are used to pull the data.
  • CPU Usage
    Amount of actively used virtual CPU, as a percentage of total available CPU. This is the host's view of the CPU usage, not the guest operating system view. It is the average CPU utilization over all available virtual CPUs in the virtual machine. For example, if a virtual machine with one virtual CPU is running on a host that has four physical CPUs and the CPU usage is 100, the virtual machine is using one physical CPU completely.
  • Memory Active
    Amount of guest "physical" memory actively used, as estimated by VMkernel based on recently touched memory pages.
  • Memory Balloon
    Amount of memory allocated by the virtual machine memory control driver (vmmemctl), which is installed with VMware Tools. It's a VMware exclusive memory-management driver that controls ballooning.
  • Memory Consumed
    Amount of guest physical memory consumed by the virtual machine for guest memory. Consumed memory does not include overhead memory. It includes shared memory and memory that might be reserved, but not actually used. Use this metric for charge-back purposes.
Hope it helps. Thanks.

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