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Veeam One Scope Using Wildcards

Post by rshultz »

I am attempting to capture only certain jobs but want to do so in a dynamic way for reporting. I have the ability to specify the scope but can I take all jobs for example that contain "Job 1 - " and include those in a report as part of a scope? I am not at a place to try it right now and the documentation does not give much in the way of configuring scope other than you can.

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Re: Veeam One Scope Using Wildcards

Post by HannesK »

it depends what you are trying to achieve. If you use a custom report -> "backup infrastructure custom data" you can specify filters. But I have to admit, that my idea does not give full flexibility over all kinds of backup reports


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Re: Veeam One Scope Using Wildcards

Post by Shestakov »

What exact reports are you interested in?

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