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Veeam reporting question

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I am working on a Veeam reporting design.

Here is the Scenario

Site 1: Argentina

Two sites with 1 Veeam Backup and Replication Standard License at site.

Site 2: Boca Raton

Multiple Veeam Backup and Replication Enterprise licenses at this site.

Site 2 uses Enterprise Managers dashboard and reporting for all Jobs that are connected to this Enterprise Manager, (North American Sites).

In one dashboard I want to capture both site 1 and site 2 in a dash board reporting on the status of the backup Jobs. Additional VMware information such as cluster health, host health etc. is not required. All license will NOT be consolidated back to Site 2 to use the Enterprise Manager.

I was looking at Veeam One and want to know if this is a solution for my situation or not. If it is, where do my Veeam One licenses need to be? At Site 2 where I want my dashboard or site 1 and 2?

Can I buy just Veeam One or do I need to buy the availability Suite?

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Re: Veeam reporting question

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Hi Ian,

Yes, this is possible. You may either connect both the VBR server and EM server to VONE to have centralized monitoring and reporting or connect all VBR servers to VONE directly avoiding adding EM server - it is up to you. If later you are planning to expand and add additional VBR servers to the EM server, it would be better to add this EM server to VONE, but keep in mind that you'll need to license VONE accordingly.

Veeam ONE license should be installed on the Veeam ONE server, which, in turn, can be located anywhere, but I would suggest selecting a location closest to the largest backup environment you have. You will be able to access the VONE client remotely from any location using the client/web client or via RDP to view the required alarms, dashboards, and reports.

Regarding licenses, there are no restrictions - it mostly depends on the license cost which will be lower in total if you stick with Veeam Availability Suite. Please, contact our sales representatives for determining a licensing plan that works best for you.


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