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Virtual Machine Reporting / Need $_.guest.disks values

Post by markjusko »

I have a need for reporting on a number of values/objects with virtual machines that aren't currently supporting with the shipping report packs.

Specifically, I need to generate reports off the $_.guest.disks values and objects(capacity,freespace,letter,and a calc value of used space(cap-free)). I'm currently doing this manually via script+xls exporting, which works, but obviously I shouldn't need to do this if I have a fancy product such as Veeam Reporter. What can we do about getting these additional items added in to the Reporting Pack?

If you have other alternatives, please let me know. I'd create a custom report pack, but I haven't located any Veeam documentation on that yet.



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Re: Virtual Machine Reporting / Need $_.guest.disks values

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Mark,

Could you please tell me if you've seen Storage Capacity report from the Base Report Pack? Also getting back to Base Report Pack, take a look at this report:

Object Type: Virtual Machine
Parameters: play with partition parameters


Object Type: Virtual Disk
Parameters: add all the variants we have there

Hope this helps!

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