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VMs Configuration Historical report

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We had a failure of an esxi host and we wanted to run a report to see what vms were on the host before failure. I see that the VMs Configuration report has the info I would want, but there is not the ability to look at historical data. I also tried to look at the Infrastructure Changes Audit report hoping to see the HA failover events or VMs changing hosts, but the report was 457 pages long even when limiting the scope to only the vms and hosts as objects and I was unable to locate the changes. Any thoughts on creating some custom report for finding this info. From now on I will have these reports run and keep them for historical purposes, but I know the info is in the database, just cant get the report builder or canned reports to pull it out.

Maxim Karganov
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Re: VMs Configuration Historical report

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Hi Cody,

Please give the Infrastructure Changes by Object report a try and let us know if that is what you are looking for.


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