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what does 'SCSI Level x' mean in reporter

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We are troubleshooting some major VM issues (windows 2003 file server).

When viweing the Veeam report under the section 'LUNs' it specifies 'SCSI Level' then a number. What does this mean (is the raid level ?? - we only set RAID5 and RAID1 on our HP EVA8000 to which all the VMs are connected).

In the same vein what does 'SCSI level Specified' mean and how is this set etc??

Heres an example from the report:

Name vmhba1:1:0
Device Name /vmfs/devices/genscsi/vml.020c00000050001fe1500b1800485356323130
Device Type array controller
Model HSV210
Revision 6200
SCSI Level 6
SCSI Level Specified True
Serial Number unavailable
Vendor HP
Host xxxxxxxxxx

thanks guys
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Re: what does 'SCSI Level x' mean in reporter

Post by Gostev »

Hello, this discussion seem to have explanation of this attribute: ... Id=1370774

[UPDATE] I just realized - is it your question there too? :)
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