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Access denied to backupSessions

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I am using Postman to browse the API.

I have sent a POST to https://veeam_server:9398/api/sessionMngr/?v=latest
and use the X-RestSvcSessionId token for further calls with Basic Auth and a username/password I created on the Manager server

It works fine when I try a GET to https://veeam_server:9398/api/reports/summary for instance

but if I try a GET request on https://veeam_server:9398/api/backupSessions, I receive:

{"FirstChanceExceptionMessage":null,"StackTrace":null,"Message":"Access denied.","StatusCode":403,"Status":"Forbidden"} ... sions.html

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, can someone help?

Failed request:

Working request:

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Re: Access denied to backupSessions

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Hi Thomas,

Do you use Enterprise Plus edition?
Check this relevant thread.


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